What changes do you want to see in Cape Town and its Built Environment?

As critical thinkers, we the members of Young Urbanists, have identified the major issues that are keeping our city from being the integrated, just, and inclusive space we strive for. The biggest changes we would like to see in the City of Cape Town are:

1. Radical Shifts in the Physical Form of the City

Through shifts in zoning, form, and space - we would like to see radical changes in the physical form of our city. We recognise the impact and role that the physical urban environment plays, and will work towards creating physical spaces which enable a more diverse and inclusive city. We would like to see shift away from the low-income, sprawled urban development model, towards an urban form that responds to human density and economic opportunities.

2. Neighbourhoods that are Multi-Racial and Mixed Income

Through our work, engagement and space of dialogue, the Young Urbanists’ hope to see the ‘race map’ of our city more integrated over time; we would like to see the rising of a middle class, and an increase in the number and diversity of mixed income neighbourhoods through the city.

3. Public Spaces which are more Inclusive, Safe & Fun

The Young Urbanists believe that public spaces are essential to a well-functioning and democratic city. Inclusivity is about accessibility for all, and public spaces should allow citizens to gather and exchange ideas.

4. Community Engagement which is Strengthened and more Meaningful

The Young Urbanists would like to engage more with communities and networks outside of our own to encourage the growth of; community capital, a greater understanding of the daily decisions we make, and the number of enabled, active citizens within our city.

5. A Change in the Mindsets of the Public

We would like to see a change in the mindsets, preconceptions, and perceptions of people from all spheres of our city. “Where you’re born doesn’t determine who you become”



How can Young Urbanists helps to make this a reality is Cape Town?

As a group living and operating within the City of Cape Town, we strive in our own work, as well as in the events, dialogue and debates of the Young Urbanists’ platform to have a positive and lasting impact on the urban and social landscape of our City.

1. Learning, Sharing and Connecting

The Young Urbanists group will remain a space for learning, sharing and networking, from each other as members, as well as through lectures and workshops with outside voices. Through the sharing of information, and building of a strong network of urbanists, we strive for a collective growth in knowledge, empowering members to continue work which moves Cape Town closer to the changes we would like to see in our city.

2. Facilitate and Encourage Dialogue

To demonstrate that members of the group have agency within our city, the Young Urbanists will strive to facilitate and encourage open dialogue between developers, the city, activists, and other stakeholders. The intention of the YU is to call upon people with diverse knowledge and expertise to challenge pressing issues, and problematic policy.

3. Young Urbanists Website

Through the creation of a comprehensive database of YU members, the Young Urbanists website will be a virtual space for connection for the Young Urbanist members. The website will also contain an archive of information gathered through the events, outings, and online dialogue.This archive, in conjunction with activity through the Young Urbanists Facebook Wall, aims to share knowledge and insights with the great public. Through this access to information, we aim to upskill ourselves and as well as others.

4. Take a Stand

With both technical and academic support, the Young Urbanists group contribute towards specific advocacy efforts and campaigns. The essence of these objections or recommendations will always be routed in our core values; they will be in alignment with realising the urban ideals we continue to strive for in Cape Town; and will be drafted in a constructive manner