What is YU today? 

The Young Urbanists is a platform for open dialogue, engagement and action aimed at challenging the apartheid legacies we face in our cities. We stand for economic, social, and spatial justice: and strive to empower members to be change agents within their chosen professions. Young Urbanists membership is  free and open to  all regardless of discipline, class, race, gender, or religion. The platform is an inclusive space that facilitates dialogue and seeks innovative solutions that challenge the status quo of how cities are built and operate. 

We live and operate in a city desperate for change, and through this platform, network of practitioners and events we aim to foster change within Cape Town. Change that encourages multiracial and mixed income neighborhoods: change that drives a radical shift in the physical form of our cit; that sees the creation of fun, safe public; and change that shifts mindsets and enables community members to become active citizens. 

We, the Young Urbanists, hope to instill these changes through active learning, sharing and networking; through the facilitation and encouragement of dialogue; and through the continues dissemination of knowledge The Young Urbanists' platform allows of for the cross-pollination of ideas and collectively we will take a stand on pertinent issues within our city. With both technical and academic support, the Young Urbanists group will strive to produce public objections, and or recommendations as and when they are called for. 


"We, the Young Urbanists of Cape Town, strive in all that we do, to do better."